A workshop for design, content, UX, product, and tech teams that want to facilitate better meetings, hear from more voices, and learn to lead from anywhere in the organization.

Meetings mostly suck: The loudest voice dominates the room. Decision-making devolves. And half the time, “design thinking” sessions end up with tons of sticky notes…but no actual plan for using all those ideas. Sound familiar? That’s because many teams have tried to adopt collaborative ways of working—like design labs, brainstorming sessions, and workshops—to help them set strategy, experiment with new ideas, and gain alignment. But building a better world (and a better workplace) isn’t just about holding a workshop. It’s about creating an environment where diverse voices are heard and respected, and everyone feels safe sharing their ideas.

That’s where inclusive facilitation comes in.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to quickly build trust, so that people are willing to work differently. You’ll practice guiding conversations and activities through tense moments, and see what it takes to come out the other end with actual decisions, priorities, and outcomes. And you’ll gain insight into the power dynamics and systemic biases that make it hard for everyone to safely participate and thrive in collaborative settings.

Learn to:

  • Convene sessions people want to attend (and come ready to get to work)
  • Create spaces where people feel safe sharing ideas and practicing new skills
  • Get input from diverse voices, make people feel heard, and prevent derailing
  • Guide conversations and activities to flow effectively through the day
  • Create small-group activities that actually…work

Each step of the way, you’ll have the chance to practice what you’re learning by facilitating activities and discussions with your peers—leaving you with the tools and confidence you need to take the lead from wherever you sit in your organization.