Workshops & Trainings

Sara has facilitated hundreds of workshops and training sessions at startups, large tech companies, cultural and research institutions, media companies, major corporations, and conferences across the U.S., Europe, and Australia. Her specialties include: 

  • Running leadership workshops for people in design, tech, and related fields, covering topics like building presence, communicating with confidence, coaching, and collaboration
  • Leading skills-training sessions for engineers, designers, product managers, strategists, writers, and marketers
  • Facilitating strategic decision-making and roadmapping sessions with senior stakeholders
  • Hosting provocative design labs on tech ethics, responsibility, and inclusion that inspire teams to shift their thinking and their practices

When you book Sara for a workshop or training, you’ll give your team the space to practice skills and get feedback, gain confidence in their ideas, and leave prepared to bring new concepts into their work. 

Strategic facilitation services

Even brilliant teams struggle to make decisions and move forward. That’s where Sara comes in. As a facilitator, she’s skilled at bringing fresh perspective and renewed energy to tough internal sessions, and guiding stakeholders toward alignment, accountability, and clear next steps. If you want to stop rehashing the same things and start having real clarity on your business and product priorities, audiences, messaging, and design and content strategy, invite Sara to facilitate your next stakeholder session.

Current training + workshop offerings

Powerfully Together: Running Inclusive + Effective Meetings

For design, tech, and product teams that want to level up how they lead meetings and workshops—and stop leaving people out. This immersive workshop will show you how to facilitate more effectively, include diverse voices, build trust, and get things done in any session. Learn to create environments that encourage real participation, guide conversations through difficult waters, prevent derailing behaviors, and build true alignment amongst stakeholders. Leave with the tools and confidence you need to take the lead at your company’s gatherings, empower your team, and unlock everyone’s potential.

Designing Inclusive Products

For teams that want to identify and remove biases and assumptions from their design process, and build a culture of responsibility and inclusion in tech. We’ll identify how and where your existing user experience, messaging, and product choices might be excluding users or causing harm, and learn practical techniques for uncovering assumptions and strengthening design choices. Based on Sara’s popular books on ethics and inclusion in tech and design, Technically Wrong: Sexist Apps, Biased Algorithms, and Other Threats of Toxic Tech and Design for Real Life. 

Own Your Expertise

For tech and design teams that want to build presence and be memorable within their companies and their communities. Visible tech leaders are great for their companies and their communities: their conference talks inspire peers (and help company recruitment!), their internal presentations influence stakeholders and team culture, and their blog posts sometimes even spur industry innovation. But many of your team’s best ideas never get shared—because they get too overwhelmed, nervous, or self-critical to start. This workshop will help you change that. Give your team members the skills to find and own their unique expertise, and communicate their ideas to any audience with confidence.