Content Amid Chaos

This is an article version of the talk I delivered in February at An Event Apart Atlanta. See the slides here. The Magic Gardens are one of my favorite things about Philadelphia—a frenetic mix of mosaic and poesy, of dinnerware and bike wheels and old bottles turned into wandering walls and grottos. They were built … Continue reading Content Amid Chaos

This time with feeling: A fresh look at content modeling

Database modeling isn’t something you typically associate with a content strategist—particularly not the kind who is obsessed with things like brand, message, and editorial style. But maybe it should be. As I started writing a book and delving into “the future of content,” I began thinking a lot about what’s wrong with how content gets … Continue reading This time with feeling: A fresh look at content modeling

Why I don’t (always) do content audits

Content audits are essential—the very backbone of content strategy, right? But I’ve got a secret: most of the time, I don’t even do them. Don’t get me wrong. I love me some quality Excel time. I don’t mind spending a few days weeks neck-deep in the quest to document every single thing about a site’s content. … Continue reading Why I don’t (always) do content audits