Everybody Hurts: Content for Kindness

Last month, I gave the most difficult talk I've ever given. It's about something I've been thinking a lot about recently: making our content and design work for people who don't fit our narrow perception of "normal." Here's the description: We all want interfaces that feel human—where the content is friendly and everything flows right along. But … Continue reading Everybody Hurts: Content for Kindness

Share Your Story: The Web, Crisis & Trauma

Back in January, I wrote about personal histories—about the experiences in my past that make me feel vulnerable, that dredge up emotion—and the way those experiences sometimes spill over into tasks and forms online: Every question carries weight. Every bit we collect is part of a personal history—a story of a life lived. And those … Continue reading Share Your Story: The Web, Crisis & Trauma

Content Amid Chaos

This is an article version of the talk I delivered in February at An Event Apart Atlanta. See the slides here. The Magic Gardens are one of my favorite things about Philadelphia—a frenetic mix of mosaic and poesy, of dinnerware and bike wheels and old bottles turned into wandering walls and grottos. They were built … Continue reading Content Amid Chaos

Personal Histories

It's the summer of 2014, and I’m sitting in the consul’s office filling out form after form proving my right to German citizenship: filing notarized birth certificates, declaring my mother’s birthplace, documenting my parents’ marriage. Ich bin das __ Kind meiner Mutter, one form says: “I am the __ child of my mother.” My pen … Continue reading Personal Histories