Thankful, tired, ready: My midyear update

About a year ago I wrote a little post that asked some big questions about what responsive design, mobile, and the ongoing flood of new, weird devices meant for content. And then I spent a year thinking about it.

I wish I could tell you that I have all the answers now. I can’t. But boy has the asking been worthwhile.

In the year since, I left my job and began consulting. I wrote for A List Apart and Contents. I started writing a book, Content Everywhere, for Rosenfeld Media. I did a bit of speaking. Meanwhile, my husband defended his dissertation and accepted a visiting professorship at Franklin & Marshall College in the delightfully not-Arizona-like Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Three weeks ago, we packed our things into a metal box and moved 2,400 miles in a Mazda hatchback with two cats.

Yesterday I sent the draft of Content Everywhere off to a small group of readers. The end is near.

Cue large exhale.

So what’s next? This weekend I’m visiting historical sites and state parks and other relaxing places where no one will ask me about the future of content. After that, I’ve got a few things happening that I want to share:

The book

I’ll be revising the manuscript for Content Everywhere so I can get it into your hands just as soon as possible. I hope you find it practical, thoughtful, and worth your time and money. Sign up here to be updated when it’s about to be released.

A List Apart

If you missed the news, I’ve just been asked to serve as editor in chief of one of my most beloved publications. Helping smart, passionate people communicate their ideas and hone their arguments better is an honor. If you have something important to say about working on the web—and you’re not afraid to say it loudly—then you should most definitely send a submission or chat me up about your ideas.

Speaking and teaching

In September I’ll be in London teaching a workshop with Jonathan Kahn and Kate Kenyon that’s all about changing organizations with content strategy—the missing piece in so many initiatives, I think. Then I’m bouncing down to Rome to speak at EuroIA. I’ll be at the MIMA Summit in Minneapolis in October, followed by my first-ever voyage to the Southern Hemisphere—and it’s a twofer: giving a workshop and a talk at Web Directions in Sydney, then a talk at the Content Strategy Forum in Cape Town. I’ve been promised koalas in Australia, cheetahs in South Africa, and wine in both places. In return, I’ll be talking about how to stop thinking in terms of pages and documents and start structuring content in meaningful, flexible ways—as well as how organizations can adapt to make all that possible.

If you’re coming to any of these events, please say hi. I’ll be the tall one feeling nervous and out of her league.

New work?

Writing, editing, and speaking are tremendously fun, and I’m lucky to have the opportunity. But I need my hands in messy content projects, too. With the book drafted and the cross-country move complete, I’m interested in new gigs with organizations and agencies with crunchy content challenges—particularly those in or around Philly, DC, Baltimore, and New York (I’m just a train ride away).

If you think we’d work well together, get in touch.

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