Lightning in London: On Speaking, Very Quickly, at CS Forum

Close to two weeks ago now (dude, I’ve been busy), I joined 200+ other content strategists and related web nerds for the 2011 Content Strategy Forum. Held in London, this was the event’s sophomore effort, and my second time attending as well.

Even more exciting than an excuse to use my passport, I also got a chance to speak—albeit “just” for a five-minute, 20-slide, auto-advancing whirlwind about the future of content strategy. Called “A New Breed of Content Strategist,” it’s about the ways we can, and must, grow as practitioners if we want content to be ready for the future web.

Unlike Confab—which seemed, at least to me, to pull more of a marketing-side or agency crowd—CS Forum had a strong contingent of speakers and attendees deeply rooted in technical communications as well, perhaps due to its affiliation with the STC last year. Thankfully, this was the right mix of people for my talk.

If you haven’t yet, I’d love for you to give it a quick view:

Sara Wachter-Boettcher: A New Breed of Content Strategist from Together London on Vimeo.

Looking forward to 2012

Next year, CS Forum will head south to Cape Town, South Africa. If, like me, you’re based in the States, I strongly suggest you start saving nickels and being nice to bosses now.

Me? I’ve already started idly googling flights and ogling scenic photos. Because, if I learned anything this year, it’s that we each have gaps in our experiences, biases in our approaches, and weaknesses in our solutions. We have a long way to go before we know it all—even those of us who’ve delivered rollicking keynotes and written beloved books.

That’s the beauty of our work. The web is infinite in its challenges, and our solutions will always be imperfect. But it’s not about perfection; it’s about getting closer each time. To do that, we’ve got a lot to learn from one another—and a lot that we can only learn together.

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